How To Build Your Own Cheap Web Server

Building Your Own Web ServerHere I will show you how to build your own cheap web server by using cheap web server parts . If you are doing this for the first time, as I am sure many of you are, You will best be advised to start by using what you have around you at absolutely no cost to yourself with a California online traffic school.

What am I talking about? I am talking about all those used computers that are thrown out every day by repair shops. You can build a PC by using this method as a start towards owning your own computer


There are many cheap web server parts that are dumped by repair shops which are in perfect condition. Since many of the technicians in these shops are not trained in electronics, they tend to just change parts without proper checking or testing of the defective part.You can Build your own computer by using these parts.

This would be a good place to obtain cheap web server parts and sometimes perfectly good systems that may need just a little repair.

You can start up a relationship with two or three dealer shops and have them give you the job of removing their”junk” parts. There is a gold mine for you who is starting out to build your own computer.

Check the parts listing to see what parts are needed for you to start building your own cheap computer and then check ‘How to build your own web server’ page for further instructions.

During your project you will come across jargon with which you are not familiar. These will be explained as we go along.The most important parts that make up your computer are the Mother Board, The Processor or (CPU) and the (RAM) Random Access Memory.

This is the core to your web server. They work in tandem and will cost the most in any computer. They will also determine the overall cost to your web server. The first thing that we will look at is the Mother Board.

So you want to know how to build a web server? Well I will introduce you into Computer Basics and what you will need to build a computer. First you will need to make a list of what you want to do with the computer and then a list of the parts you will have to acquire to assemble it.

What will the computer be used for? Will you use it only for typing letters? What about music? Will it be used to play music? Will you be playing games or watching movies? Will you use it for drawing and graphics or some other special need.

Whatever the need you can build a computer to meet those needs.Certain activities require special parts or different configurations. Music, graphics and games require a lot of memory and hard drive space. Videos and graphics require a special type of video card.

Choosing the best Motherboards

There are many brand,makes and models of The best MotherBoards on the market today. I have had very few problems with any of them, meaning that they are quite well built.

These include Bio star, MSI,ASUS,ASRock,ABIT,Intel and Micro Star. There are other boards that were not mentioned but that are also good.

Mother Boards are usually one of the most expensive parts of the computer and your choice will determine the overall cost of your system. They are broken down into:

  • High End
  • Mid Range
  • Low End

Motherboards labeled

High End Boards are quite expensive and cater for up market persons who are into heavy games, graphics or music. or simply for anyone who wants one and have the money to purchase one.

If you want a cheaper computer it is wise to purchase a mid-range board with integrated sound,modem,video and LAN. However,if you want the best motherboards on the market then this may be for you.

Motherboard Side

Consideration also has to be given to the type of processor you will need, since the board must able to accommodate the processor. In fact, the board determines what type of processor you will need. A Pentium 4, dual Core or it’s equivalent will suffice.

Makes and models are not an issue except for price. Remember you pay for brand name and you get what you pay for (at least that is how it is supposed to be)

Intel is pricey but is a little more stable while Alton or AMD is a little cheaper. I have had no problem using AMD. Remember newer chip models will be more expensive so choose wisely.

Now that you have your board, it is time to install your CPU.

A layman’s guide to installing MotherBoards

Now that we have installed the Processor and heat sink fan and the memory or RAM, Installing the MotherBoard into the web server case comes next.

Whether you choose a Mini case, a Mid tower, Full tower or Desktop case, the process of installing motherboards is the same.

I/O shield

All cases come pre-configured to accept any ATX type board so installing motherboards is not a problem. Each Board comes with a shield to fit that particular Mother Board.

Remove the shield that came with the board. Remove shield and replace it with the one that came with the Motherboard. You will have to give it a little force to get it in. When you hear a click, you know its done.

Once the Motherboard is properly seated, the female jacks will fit snuggly in their rightful place. Some cases come with these shields pre-installed. The Board you bought will most likely have it’s own and will have to be removed and replaced with the one that comes with the board. When installing these shields, be very careful, since they can cut you. Believe me, I know.

Again, you will have to be careful how you handle the motherboard. Read the Computer safety and static electricity guide before starting. Be careful not to touch the contacts on the board. The installation of the motherboard should to be done by holding the sides. The Board does not fit directly on the case but is suspended by plastic clips and ‘standoffs’Standoff screw

which fit on the case underneath the board.standoff hole inserting stand off the screws are then screwed into into these standoffs to hold the board securely. Carefully place the board into the case, holding it by its sides.

Seating motherboard

making sure it lines up properly with I/O input/output shield. Some cases come with a pivot point which the board fits into, If your case has this then it becomes easy to line up

Pivot point

When the board is in place, secure the board with the screws that come with the case. Securing MB Do not over tighten the screws. Just make sure that it is hand tight. You have successfully installed the motherboard. We now move on to the next section and that is plugging up the board.

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